forest gump your way through

So simple is as simple does right; well in other words well you cant always get what you wanted you cant always get what you need but if you try sometime you just might find you get what you need,

Jamies crying and every breathe you take ill be watching you

perfection is a kiss soft and devine, from that person you love; even part of the time

so pucker up and look for there smile im sure you can find it they are near all the time those who care about you and share with you they knew you even before this life and in another time.

Wake up today and remember the good from before dont waste time on sad feelings as they have vanished before your eyes that moment has passed an can never return even if you cry all day and scream at the sky the past is just that a blink of an eye a glance of a stranger from across the train a smile from her shy face those deep jade green eyes that beautiful creature who walked in the door and everyone all around got silent and took a long stare you are beautiful and delightful to see the way you walk and how you looked at me i want to know you and be a friends someone to share a day with walk through the park and laugh and smile hold you close when your afriad and be a comfort in those times your just not sure;

you must be an angel so beautiful to inspire the sweet sounds of ancient forests the birds who sing all day the magic that you possess in your light to hold such a treasure of heaven and earth in hand to be your friend or stand by your side support your dreams and desires that we understand there is no place to hide

the magic of her beauty takes my breath away the look in her eyes sparks the lights of the night sky even the stars are jealous the sun rages to out perform but in the world of eternity there is nothing that can compare such beauty and deep conplex devine vision before my eyes even when your no longer there i am lost in the moment of the passionate stare

hope your dreams are full and life complete that you get all that you desire and love most of all to have someone who you trust and who knows how amazing you are and that each night they look up and thank the magic from high above that you have been so blessed to know her and be someone that she desires in her life to walk by her side and share in her magic be a friend deep inside true that you are a vision of why men will always be consumed not by fire but by the beauty glow of magic emotions that a woman does possess and hoping for her kind acalades and her wonderful laugh and that smile the deep green eyes who steal your heart making it skip a beat regardless of how strong you feel that to be a great man you need a powerhouse of a woman by your side strong and independent developing a new world of desire and passions she has dreamed will you be able to stand at her side knowing how amazing and magical her world will be with a partner equal and delighted to share moment by moment the magic of time that you will hope that at the end of this journey she has walked by your side blessed you will her love and passions shared from deep inside may the tears be few and the laughter a ton that you go out each day and share a life of such fun life fearless is real fear is a place of dispair and only with fearless desires and trust in the world that is before your eyes can you hope to have love and happiness heating up the universe before you each day she should be the center of all hat you are the center of your everything a spark in the darkness a shimmering star high above your north star before you the journey full of passion and evvervesant smiles that we can share it completely and deliver on our dream share all the passions and lust that build deep inside when our hearts feel trust

the best cure for sorrow is laughter happiness is a sideeffect true from deep within it changes how you feel it drives your passions like water over a high cliff face to the translucent lake below high in the mountains that hold up the sky you are a devine vision that i have been so blessed to see a kind word that i speak and the beauty i paint late in the night waiting to hold you close to me naked all night and watch you sleep that soft warm thumping heart a sound keeping me sane inside to know you have chosen me to be a friend to care about and share the life we life for as long as eternity will shimmer across the gates of time the magic of humanity and compassion drive the gates to the other side to a place where your good deeds will shine brighter then the sun and the sorrows you have suffered will be no longer a concern for in the end only the hatred and evil that touchs a soul will be called to a judgement that few will want to know,

can we walk through the park its a beautiful day can i hold your hand maybe hug you or maybe we can as children usec to play take a few minutes to laugh and desire all those things we thought might never exist and now that we are driveing hard towards our dreams its coming close like a ship coming into shore where you can touch love and have passion to share again and again in the end its your dear friends who will fill all your needs they choose to like you for who you are not expecting you to change happy to take you as they met you and express the joy its clear to see when honesty is the base line the music is thunderous and devine so when your loving someone its about sharing that passionate moment as one weather it lasts an hour a day a monthor more its about how much effort you put into pleasing the person who ou have beomce so close to share come so close to passionate exchanges of desire and fun galore so prescious when your barefoot and walking in the warm summer sand along the shore of the ocearn talking to a friend sharing the events shared now and even before the bond that grows is quite natural deep and true.

As i stare at your beauty across the candle lite room your naked breast silky soft and smooth with your erect nipples expressing that strange desire passion growing like a small camp fire to a bon fire of desire so heated and devine the carress of your curves the look of the light dancing on your golden hair those magic eyes that keep me hypnotized jade green all that i can see is endless tropical lagoons in the carribian sea the golden tan that comes from many hot days in the sun your beautiful tan lines from your thong your a delight in any way i express how much i love the honey you share the time we spend being children laughing and busy at play you and i expressions devine time stands still as we love thru the night watching the full moon glide across the heavenly blanket of starsl will you stand close to me let me love you i ask nothing in return let me pleasure your heart and strive to give you all you desire will you be happy for my efforts as they are done with intentions true and complex to hold you close and whisper into your rar ow much i want to hold you all night thru kiss your neck in the morning and hold you tight for a while sharing how we feel when we are together talking about all the things we sio much want to do all the dreams we can share and time that we can expres as there is no clock.

for hours we sat in the hottub you and i all alone whispering about what we felt when we are together sharing its so special as words seem wasted as you can read my mind the connection is growing profoundly as you and i share all the time we were apart and yet our minds connected each day a special time we shared across the universe and the passions shared even when thousands of miles away

I come to hold you and share the love and compassion that we hold dear to build a fire of unity a walk on a tree lines lane or whispering of dreams yet to be hoping that together we can find the way to share these passions from now today. hold tight the handrail as we will move quite fast towards the launch pad of our desires the taste of warm honey sticky and devine to taste the sticky mess on our lips the accidential drops fall on your warm naked hips kissing your round dark nipples hear your sweet sounds time to share be so aware like the life we choose to be profound.

dont hesitate be in wonder take the time to walk in dark clouded skys hoping to exprience the powerful thunder and crackle of lightning dancing across the dark evening sky racing to find shelter as the rain pours from above making love on a old oak tree stand protection from the pouring rain for all the time we need the sound of rain beating on the leaf canapy above i wonder if the treee can feel the sacred expressions of our love

i have long dreamed of you and i looked towards heaven with a sailors eye to see the stars above and hope the navagation is true to bring me safely back to you will you be so happy that you race to hold me close will you be unable to sleep as we have so much to catch up on it so true the passion of love larger then life deeper then the sea a distant fancy a treat of love a person who understands you and cares so much for your delight to take a moment or an hour to write a doddle of how we feel funny times together love we shared secret and delightful indeed a special time we share the fear disappears and love grows like a ragging forest fire; lighting the heavens high above to have you share a bowl of ice cream a bucket of popcorn watching a movie we both have wanted to see the magical world of our imagination the time we spend in facination touching each other holding you close wanting to kiss you all over and never let go.

but knowing that regardless of what life gives the next moment we will be ok the times we have shared the efforts towards fun two hearts beating together a rythum so sweet when we share a silent glance and understand a language that passed in so silent delight two hearts united in heated desire to lustful beings sharing intimate desires risking it all the open our heart knowing that this person would never betray you or steal your tears that care so much about you it could cause pain for so many years share the silent moments the laughter of desire to share a walk across the warm sandy beachs where when you both were younger that is how we met late one night on the boardwalk by the pacific ocean the warm summer breeze the sound of van halen music echoing across the sand covered beachs where the waves crash ashore and the delight of your kisses fires up bonfires as far as you can see.

do you still remember being together the promises made long ago i still remember that first kiss to take your cloths away and your eyes sharing comfort and desire that we continue regardless of who might see we want it so bad the time we had cant lost the memories so devine to love you forever not even a chore because of the passions i felt i will never let go the deep desire and lustful thoughts of you and i together hoping we dont get caught sharing our biggest desires as shadows walk along the boardwalk near the pier mission beach and mission bay that night in the volvo how can i express the excitement so intense the love shared made no sense but it was something i can never forget the warm sweat that beaded on your breasts that salty taste of ocean spray to lay with you for hours on the dark beach again and agian loving you as if again i could never reach so heres to you and to us its true that for all those who felt our desire that night or a thousand others when we went to clubs and watched others dance through the night and we kept sneaking into dark corners to fantasy and desire to feel your soft body and hear the sweet sounds you shared that i was making you feel amazing things life full of flowers in the early spring when the blooms of there existence goese into overdrive filling up the landscape of beauty and devine like how i feel when your laying next to me how i feel tasting your honey warm sticky delight cotton candy for adults its true emotional devine time waits for nothing but you make me wait all the time seeking your passion and desire to hold you close on the moon lite night listening to the waves crashing on the shore against a dark ocean heart beats away to walk naked together down the beach without a care without a worry or fear two lovers expressions of desire which will shine for a million years what to touch how to express

fill my world with beauty complexity and desire be all the magic i could hope for and warmth like a warm fire hold me often with your warm embrace love me often so i will not miss your embrace charish me deeply i wont let you down i will live each day you desire me to stay holding your feelings high above the ground yet to pounce on you or let you do the same will be the greatest joy i can hope for on any even a rainy day strike my heart with a thunder bolt take my soul away be the center of my universe a special angel sent to my life so in need to feel the special bond we can share that two of our hopes solved in one bold hot kiss to take you close and love you even throught the night to see your eyes glazed of happiness and desire as i strive so hard to stoke your magnificient fire that miracle that is you the time spent seems like a second even months can fly by holding you close to me stops the second hand from ticking down to cause you to smile as you know that i am here for you and wont waste any time i will spend every waking moment trying to fill you with love to share lust and desire magic passions of life a giant amusement park of desire a place we can go often to have laughter and love space mountain a ride to the stars a launch of our emotions and desires built up like a giants bon fire even those passing can see the heat we share the love we have risked all to express not being afriad of inner feelings that we share that never will they be betrayed and only when we are alone naked in bed that we can talk through the challenges on lifes jounrey sdn

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