Open  your heart become all you desire

lets step up our efforts to A Team

only thru hard work and knowing where you want to be can we achieve great things lets talk and work weather its to experience a growing community of friends in a world of techno isolationism TECHNO ISOLATIONISM IS  the life we all live without human connection searching a five inch smart phones for friends lets change that hope to hear from  you especially since GAme of Thrones is about to launch its last season hate to think seven years pass without getting a entire new crew of great friendships to carry forward after the show ends

I hope we can build a tight nit community during the final season of game of thrones I’ve enjoyed seeing and meeting several amazing actors like Patrick steward and peter Dinkledge and many othersDragons heading across the northern horizon

Let’s build something amazing let’s build a community of people this is his last season of Game of Thrones and I’m sure amazing things are gonna happen lots of blood and guts galore and I’m hoping that the people to come out of it at the end of people that we’ve appreciate it through the show go to dinner really amazing job of directing and per trail of characters and I can’t wait to see the final book come out by Mr. Martin it’s a hard thing to make a show in a series like this without having a complete novel and I think the writers of really tried hard to stay true to the ideals I wish they would’ve been closer to the book but then we would be waiting much longer to finish it until they could actually get the novel to complete it

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