there are reasons to stand up and be heard

It is now a spin that Trump caused the riots on and that is far from the truth simple facts are hard to miss

first of ALL since march the entire united states has been underatach by the covid experience our jobs lost stopped or put on a year long shut down because some doctor or medical expert decided to scare the world lets ee how they react meanwhile they struggle with loss of community family structure break down loneliness and isolation take over then on top of that vue the fact they have no income to pay for any of the needs of a family or even one’s self it took almost four to five months to get any kind of positive result to help the Americans who’s lives have been shut down family members loss to the yearly cold and flu season and on top of that bad choices and decisions made by medical staff who know very well the way to help in crisis situations and gain knowledge thru trial and air.

Today was not just another day our lives detroyed friendships lost to fear and politicians who along with a few very afraid people locked the world down and people built their own private concentration camp based not on knowledge and inteligence but out of fear provided compliments of media empires getting fat off the sorrow and tragedy’s that life has become. MIllions have been locked away from familys and loved ones the constant loss of the basic human existence has collapsed entire cities where people walk around without any purpose; what do you expect this entire event planned and established to serve a purpose and the American people are no longer along for the ride because its clear the choices being made and the ramifications caused to the establishment of man are crippled.

the new bill A -416 in new york to clear the air

what kind of society did you think we lived in and at what point do you draw the line our losses and suffering to face honest reaction i think today was a wake up call to those who stand holding high office you work for the citizens of this great nation and regardless of who you are the govern ment has no right to destroy our lives by forcing there fears and shortcoming on us

IF i want to go race a motorcycle or bungie jump go to the beach these are not any business of those employed to serve our nation how we choose to live is a choice at all levels and government has no right to stop us from that life to force entire lockdown on healthy people because of some illness or fear of such need to be stopped i am not hear to serve at the pleasure of your fears and don’t ask you to join my choices in life but do not tell me i must stop living my life with the risks i face as everyone faces in their own course Health is the most valuable treasure of humanity and we have fallen far from the place we should be but to start injecting foriegn fluids and altered dna matter in to our bodys is not the answer we choose to live our lifes free and with liberty to be able to go out and particapate in life work and family without the fear of regulations designed by foolish individuals with too many fears in there lives to force us to live in thier skin if you know what i mean

Happiness is a very personal choice. Work is another of those choices to make

where will you go to school or go into the military to serve our nation its our choice

the rights of human sentient existence is we have long known that crimes against humanity means just that to put half of the world in fear shut off their lives and then send out the ice cream truck when we are being told to stay home no work no life that all our dreams have been shot down out of the sky

the jobs we had most will never return the logistics of such in large cities is almost impossible to have 100 guys working in one job site with eighty floors means how to get them up to work keep them all apart thru the day and navigate that with over 30 separate trades all needing to get into a closed space at the same time.

We live in America one of the great nations on earth we do more to help the world economically and socially we help nations on all the basic reasons of working to make the world a better more just safe amazing place to live our lives and dream the big dream we as a species most rise up and make the world better not worse the people who work for our nation work for us and as such they have no right to dictate what or how when or too who if they want to wear a mask they can with pleasure but to demand other healthy humans to be forced to live in fear as the choose is insanity at its finest we will all live in bubbles and never touch a door or walk in a public building we will take showers in disinfectant and wear a dozen masks right no not wont happen if you choose to play dirty with americas national resources and then force them to starve and live on lifes edge becuase you are spending our treasure on your international friends that is not your money to give we have always been fully in control with the constitution

As such Elections must be done by the book meaning to go vote in a large city or small all voters must be of age have valid id and show it before being eligable to vote for any election in the united states except parent meetings lets face it forget taking a look outside America for whos trying to steal or debunk our American system of democracy well we don’t need to blame other nations its clear we have a percentage of those who vote but are not American citizens the large sanctuary cities serve a purpose and its clear a added number of people who vote each time even if they had Identification because Citizenship has its privilege’s this election forget what bidne says forget even what President Trump says its clear if a large population of people live here and vote because no id is asked or required then all they need to do is go give some name and some address and shazam

Well right now the government better start to serve the citizens of this great nation and a police state is not the answer honesty is to support the system we live and work in we need to have a world that can provide the freedom to go about our lives even with the risks not inconvienced by regulatioins that hinder or totally stop our ability to have a life or take care of our loved ones our public officials need to work for us not be aloof and i said before i am not taking sides regarding the election sure i choose my canidate but right now that i watched lines of people go vote who i knew were not citizens yet they went through the lines and voted my friends dead mother has been voting every election state and federal and shes been passed for over twekve years now, the election needs to be corrected to serve the principles of us America and our citizens NO elected official has right s to impose life changing effect on yours or my live force vaccines that have not even been tested throughly on animals yet they pumping them into unsuspecting people around the US.

America is getting a really thin skin still no positive solution from our government pay off the debts or collect payment for our debts how they continue to spend trillions on black budget projects and americans are homeless with no jobs or a way to even earn a living

the majority of americans live working as many hours each day as possible to barely walk away with half of their income while our nation supports the financial needs of other nations and Americans have no security or faith in the decision being made by the military industrial complex how it has assumed it can militarize the entire earth instead we should be making huge efforts to help make the world a better place where all children have food and hope a chance to be amazing and profound

Do count the votes regardless of the outcome do run a supreme investigation over the next two weeks for the truth and facts and a path to safe security for the free election system of this great nation

Time to open up the books for the citizens to see whats happening at the board meetings we have the right to see know and be involved infact its our nation and we dont need to ask permission. The government does need to ask permission time to update us in detail what your spending our resources on what kind of back door hush hush deals are being made in the cozy little offices near the white house.

The citizens of America behaved correctly even the

british saw what happened when the society stood up collectivly and spoke with one voice we will not be oppressed any more maybe our politicians would do well to study harder in those ivy league schools rather then frat parties

Its like we need to do this every time our leadership is lathargic and responds vaguely to us as Americans and further they need to know that we do have the inteligence foresight and knowledge to accept any information when it comes to our lives as well as the nature of technological advances and alien files opened the things we hide in locked up black sites and are told no need to know well we are tired of begging our representitives for truth and full disclosure is critical for humanity to develop further we are adults and desere no less then the truth

if your angry we walked on Washington it was about truth the election must e secure we are angry about the covid insanity the reasons and details all vague every time a differant story the details dont connect the crossword puzzle is missing pieces full disclosure honestly and at once dont sweep it under the rug of another secret line in the dirt

Americans acted fairly it is our government not yours and the final outcome needs to be liberty and justice fair and decent with great effort to ensure the system of voting for any American election is by privilege’s of Citizenship one vote one citizens this

It’s beyond tragic to live in the United States of America last bastion of freedom in the world and watch millions of people walking around with a mask designed to surgeons to keep fluids from getting in their face when they do surgeries they don’t protect against viruses they don’t protect against lead paint but yet people are walking around hating each other because they see that they’re not wearing a paper mask honesty is the church is closed because of a political reason so where is God in this I can’t tell you he hasn’t spoken to anybody yet but I can tell you this human beings need oxygen to live and you were insisting on people making wearing and insisting that they carry and provide mask at all times he’s a police state insanity

The light just grows day by day with the paper mask what started out as though in March oh this is just to protect people from getting a virus there is no protection the virus waits for his opportunity the fact is that everybody has been exposed to this and everybody has the potential of getting sick and dying death is part of life but most people their bodies learn how to fight the virus and that is the Y they have condone giving your children vaccines because of your body builds antibodies to protect you when you were a mask and you walk around you think that you’re protected no not at all the virus is so small you would need a self-contained breathing apparatus scuba gear to protect you from it it’s sad to see so many people walking around in a fear a total fear and when politicians and media get involved it’s worse because a landslide and it’s burying people

People have a valid reason to be angry too they have no more work is in large cities there is no way for them to comply with any kind of a regulation requiring them to stay 6 feet apart unless they throw half their office space out unless they limit the persons entering it a little later to one of the time the reality is is this is a scandal and why nobody has come forward to say the truth I am maybe because they’re afraid well but people are afraid with the paper mask it’s really important that people wake up and realize this is not protecting them at all

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