I guess we have forgotten

a world filled with living thriving humanity has been shot in the chest by a small group of demons bent on world domination thru mind control using the media and fear they have launched a viscous attack on the family with the fake covid scandel i guess we have forgotten Nuremburg where german high command were brought up on charges war crimes against humanity.

I come for a polish family and know that thousands of relatives were spread out thru the various concentration camps and know from first hand family who lived thru this atrocity that what was done to human being children men women and those who were loaded into box cars and delivered to various stations designed to use them as human labor and run tests on them horrible tests one thing is for sure the recent moves by high level political and medical officials have brought back that helpless feeling of what will they do to us next do not get the vacine its their fear that makes them so dangerous most people would do anything for there loved ones but the solution is not about protecting you its about destroying what makes you the DNA is not something that should be played with weather to create a perfect human or to see what happens to the monkey when you take the brain and scramble it up with chop sticks

the plague is political gynecide and and to see people lining up to get chipped and so comply out of fear when the only loss of life was a normal year cold and flu season along with sticking thousands of cold and flu patients into nursing homes where the elderly and compromised had not even a chance so was this a cruel virus or a bunch of idiots who decided to run a human test and call it the covid test when you are a doctor offered thousands of dollars to imply that covid was a cause or related that your wonderful fauci would insure you get a nice stimulus check for each case you offer up this is criminal these animals are due to be brought down low if America ever wakes up and says like the movie network news put your head out the window and scream” I AM MAD A HELL AND WONT TAKE IT ANY MORE “

we are not plants or herd animals

you are sentient human beings who have rights especially in america worth defending it is time to take back the reigns of power from a group of fools who have fleeced this nation daily for years giving our tax dollars to foreign power friends those who would pay them for a favor how can this be right we didnt make a deal to help these warlords and dictators yet our tax dollars rather then support americans support private networks of political intrigue by lobbiest and fool hardy politicians do you know that not once in the last year have the officers senators congressmen or house of rep not been paid only we have been locked down and denied the right to the pursuit to happiness and provide a better life for our loved ones. So when will we say no more when will the treasures of this great nation be given not to demigods and political powers across the world to gloat at its humble citizens but to demand that they go to support the American dream not make politicians rich how much money and power do they need to steal before its enough?

When the banks and wall street were bailed out by our tax dollars no one blinked but when you lost everything they didnt skip a beat to send collection agents to get back what you took how wrong is this?

before march on brooklyn bridge now you will be lucky if you see four or five on the bridge at the middle of the day how sad

amazing profound we need to realize its time to take it back before the boat goes off course and hits the jagged rocks along the shore of destruction

Before you get too serious think about when you were young how the time flew by because everything you did was fun and interesting a giant box of new toys maybe one of our greatest problems in our lives is we get so serious about every thing we doeverything

Magik is all around us ; We just need to open our eyes

It is the last hurrah

Home The Event Resistance Programs Social Account Event Support Groups Sisterhood of the Rose Healing Media Renaissance Technology Financial Leadership Nature EN SIGN IN Welcome!Log into your account your username your password LOG IN Forgot your password? CREATE AN ACCOUNT SIGN UP Welcome!Register for an account your email your username REGISTER A password will be e-mailed to you. PASSWORD RECOVERY Recover your password your email SEND MY PASS Home Disclosure DisclosureHealthScienceTruthVaccinations Reiner Fuellmich – We have the Evidence By sharibitsis -April 17, 202119 Most relevant segments of the interview with Reiner Fuellmich by Jerm Warfare. Transcribed by: bylystudentpaniEli Bitchute Channel The German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich (1958) has had a long career in which he has conducted controversial lawsuits against Volkswagen, for example. A respectable number of books and research reports are to his name. Fuellmich has focused on investigating the facts surrounding the corona crisis from April 2020. Together with a team of specialists, he has had a large number of investigations that have brought him to the point where he can determine that he and his team have evidence of the true facts. Fuellmich was recently interviewed by Jerm Warfare. The most interesting parts of this interview are on a video that takes 20 minutes of your time. Fuellmich calls the events of the past year the worst crime ever committed against humanity. It is not about a virus, nor is it about health. The point is to take everything away from us, making us totally dependent on what he calls the “Davos clique.” They want to reduce the world’s population and have complete control over the remaining humanity. Trending Outsourcing The Production Of Virtually Everything Has Brought Us To The Brink Of A Nightmare Scenario For The U.S. Economy All measures, all methods, that are used do not rest on a solid scientific basis. Fuellmich speaks in this regard about the Corman-Drosten paper, which forms the basis for WHO policy. Scientifically speaking, the PCR test protocol is also a mess. The test is designed in such a way that it generates as many positive outcomes as possible. The sole goal is to make vaccination readiness as high as possible. That vaccine is not a vaccine, but an instrument to induce genetic changes. The cleaning process that will inevitably come could take years. On the positive side, however, we are approaching the tipping point at which the Davos cabal will have to answer to humanity. A major reason for this is that they pile up one mistake after another, causing even the most loyal of people to question. For example, the large amount of side effects resulting from the injections. Part of humanity has woken up and they want to anticipate the consequences. The plan was originally planned to be implemented in 2050, but under pressure from global awareness, it has been brought forward to 2030 and then to 2020. Hasty speed leads to mistakes. Fuellmich is relaxed and full of smiles in this interview because he has the peace of mind of someone who knows how the story works and has the powerful evidence for it. He thinks a global tribunal is needed because the scale of the events is so vast and complicated that it is beyond the competence of national judges. Fuellmich and his team are working towards what they call Nurnberg-2. Who are “they”, who is the Davos cabal? It’s about three thousand people, no more, who want to completely control the rest of humanity. It is not about money for them. The three thousand have so much power that they derive the power from which they exert influence. They bribe people in the medical sector, in business, politics, large institutions, etc. to do what they want. If money doesn’t work, blackmail or even threats. The Davos clique also uses methods to apply massive behavioral influence. They steal taxpayers’ money from citizens around the world. Not to get richer from it, but to make and keep the world’s population dependent on them. To keep us calm there is The cleaning process that will inevitably come could take years. On the positive side, however, we are approaching the tipping point at which the Davos cabal will have to answer to humanity. A major reason for this is that they pile up one mistake after another, causing even the most loyal of people to question. For example, the large amount of side effects resulting from the injections. For the full hour long video called Reiner Fuellmich on suing the WHO for “crimes against humanity” go to: https://jermwarfare.com/blog/reiner-fuellmich-who   Your Tax Free Donations Are Appreciated and Help Fund our Volunteer Website and Orphanage Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm. Previous article Madoff Dead, but Government Ponzi Schemes Live On ( Video ) Next article Human Rights report: ‘Tibet’s Buddhist girls and nuns are routinely raped by their guards’ sharibitsis Shari has been active with PFC since 2018. She is proud to be a Council member and a co-facilitator of the Nature Restoration Group. The Nature Group is filled with passionate, Earth loving volunteers who wish to heal and restore the planet to a healthy state. Shari also hangs out with the awesome people in the Media Group where she writes, researches and creates innovative media projects. She has a background in Holistic healing and Wellness. She is a Reiki teacher, mindfulness meditation teacher as well as an ascension guide. Shari is a community member of Energetic Synthesis, which is an ascension community that follows the Law of One and Guardian Alliance teachings. She is also the founder of an environmental education nonprofit called Greening the Sphere. RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR CONTAGION American Film Makers & Farmers Share Stories of Their Down Fall – Film “Deja Vu” Fall of the Cabal – Part 14 UK Medical Doctor – Experimental COVID-19 “Vaccines” and Genocide PFC Interviews Juan O Savin – Deep Dive Into Human & Child Trafficking Solar-powered system extracts drinkable water from “dry” air 19 COMMENTS Andrew Stark May 30, 2021 At 11:50 PM I came across this video of Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, who testified in front of Congress and has spoken out for the use of medications such as Ivermectin to be used to treat Sars cov2. and covid 19. I was suprised as well as amazed that such an acknowledge medical doctor is speaking out the way Dr. McCullough is. Thought you might have interest in viewing this video and possibly posting it on your website for others viewers to see. https://ncrenegade.com/massive-world-renowned-doctor-blows-lid-off-of-covid-vaccine/ Andrew Stark Reply Tom Peters May 30, 2021 At 4:45 PM Please watch this report on the investigation of the CDC #s https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/04/18/cdc-violated-law-to-inflate-covid-cases-and-fatalities.aspx Very enlightening that clearly explains how they faked the numbers to make so many follow like sheep. Reply Petru pavel Zarin May 19, 2021 At 1:51 PM Big scam this virus thing. A doctor wants to accuse me for going to work sick . Or he believe in this virus. I totally denied this virus. I got all the symptoms what the fake virus showing. Please Mr fuellmich. Contact me asap. Need help for pro bono. No money. Nearly going to the streets. No place to live. Reply brigitte hugon May 16, 2021 At 10:08 AM Est ce que Reiner Fuellmich esr au courant de ce qui se passe avec le professeur Fourtillan en France qui a un dossier contre Pasteur et qui est emprisonné à la prison de la Santé à Paris? Reply J Owen May 5, 2021 At 12:56 AM Thank you Mr Reiner Fuellmich……for being one of the very few people in the world willing to stand up and have common sense and integrity – in the extremely desperate face of lies, insanity and demonic control/destruction agendas. Reply TIMOTHY LOTZ May 3, 2021 At 7:18 PM How about if I go out in my RV and begin preaching the message across the USA? Seriously, I’ve heard about this cabal for over thirty years, and after the 2020 stolen election here in the states, I’m tired of waiting on weak politicians to stand up for the truth. Please contact me ASAP with contacts from your organization, if you’ll allow me to come aboard. I’m a retiree with the guts to get out there for truth and justice. Reply Nicole Louis April 29, 2021 At 2:56 AM I’ve spent nearly a year and a half investigating. Reiner Fuellmich is on target. I haven’t watched TV for the same amount of time. I studied journalism so already was able to debunk many stories of mainstream media who are funded by these nefarious Globalists. Reply David Russell Ellenberger April 26, 2021 At 9:38 AM All very interesting and nothing I have not heard before. I have never heard of Reiner Fuellmich but he seems reasonably intelligent if maybe a bit slanted in his beliefs. The actual evidence he speaks of could just as easily be interpreted in the opposite way or many ways. I look forward to any tribunals he may instigate and support his efforts although misguided they may seem, the truth is all we seek. I would like to tell anyone who cares or is interested there is a $40 billion proposal for relief to Alphabet Inc. as a result of pending litigation case #4:20-CV-04877-SBA Please look it up on the fed database or follow the link to the initial proposal. The proposal seeks to form a codified citizen staffed social media content regulatory social credit website organization called IVAMP.org or the International Virtual Academy of Music and Photography. We like to call it the 4th branch of Government or “We the people” and it is the A.I.I. or All Inclusive Intelligence for todays world society. Here is the link to the initial proposal we ask for any help or advice you would care to give. Thank you https://www.internettop40.com/proposal-to-society-and-anyone-who-cares/ Reply jutsch April 26, 2021 At 2:06 AM evidence doesnt count! … thats the poor truth! Reply dale t hood April 25, 2021 At 5:00 PM yes along w/ photos and residential adresses Reply Matthew W April 25, 2021 At 6:58 AM I stopped taking this seriously at the 3:11 mark where he said the original “plan” was for 2050. There is NO coordinated plan going on here. Fascist Liberals and swamp slime politicians/uber corporations are simply taking advantage of really, really, really, really, really stupid and dim people. Reply Nicole Louis April 29, 2021 At 2:51 AM You are fast asleep and haven’t done any research it appears. Wake up. Reply Christopher April 23, 2021 At 12:48 AM Can we have a list of names for the 3000? Or as many of them as possible? Reply Roger Welsh April 21, 2021 At 10:45 AM There is a problem! No judicial hearing has been set up and when it does, how long will it take? Will the devils continue unfettered? Ie. Will the destruction go on? Reply Mamode Therese April 19, 2021 At 10:15 PM They have the world population begging for the vaccine now. When we question-we seem to be the odd one out. We look forward to Nurnberg-2. Long Live Humanity !! Reply Joyce Young April 19, 2021 At 3:20 PM Thank you for speaking out hopefully the sheep might soon wake up Reply Alan Jones April 19, 2021 At 3:26 AM Thank god there are people like you in this world Reiner Fuellmich Reply Xavier Dumonteil April 18, 2021 At 10:14 AM So am I. I’m a French person and I stopped watching mainstream media with their countless lies. God bless Reiner Fuellmich! Reply Guy April 18, 2021 At 7:12 AM Looking forward to Nuremberg II .I am so sick of the scam. Reply LEAVE A REPLY Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 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To rise from the matrix wakie wakie

President Donald Trump

the truth an determination of this man has and will be remembered as a Noble American who against the wall of hell and hate rose up with his values and indepth understanding of the true American values and its in our interest all of us who voted to put this dynamic man into office for a better America. Based on the values and trusts all of us should seek to live by striving to be brave and dynamic with strong inner drive for compassion and an ability to play the game of life hard and work inside his heart to strive towards the best qualities of humanity make America great Again

I look forward to the coming weeks to see as the fiat insanity and deepstate democratic criminals and so called uber rich families who live and consume the children to look beautiful and hide the ugly inner being Martial law will collect the over 150000 criminals all of them they will be given a public trial and in an order as already established lets clean the offices of Governmebt to remove the criminals and destroy there evil hiding places private island retreats and hidden places for debauchery. No one lives forever and none have the right to profit of aborted children for labs and new scientific insanity it is time we Need Our President back to finish the amazing jobs he was working so hard on but through lies and still building evidence of criminal activity our nation Deserves a President who will protect our veterans and those who have lived worked and been supporting this great nation through family linage and good moral viable fortitude

Americans need to keep full press on these devil worshipers who have not only failed to keep the values and concerns of our Citizens first but to protect our families from so much that is slipping through our borders by the hour please it is time to start to demand media and those in high offices come clean and remove the deep ugly stain of graft and corruption out of our system of government where noble family’s fought and struggled for our great nation based on such principles of integrity and equity given is equity returned a simple principle of honest business between the independent Citizens of this great nation.

We as citizens need to rise up both in communication and verbal powerful conversations of bringing our nation back to

The effect of manganese bad DNA and snake DNA in the vaccine and it’s effect on the human brain

Exactly the scientists haven’t been very fort right to coming with this okay manganese is in the vaccine and what it does is it stops your mind from protecting itself from cancers which is inflammation so on the CDC website they’ve got something called the zombie protocol zombie protocol is what you see going on with like the newspaper the daily News the other day the guy was walking down the sidewalking Manhattan he turned into a park truck and died on the spot the manganese makes it so your brain can’t fight off infection okay and basically the spike protein in the mnra is designed to conquer your body’s DNA then the RNA Spike protein basically breaks down the human DNA and makes it synthetic mRNA since your body is organic it’s not synthetic it has a real issue with this whether it’s one day or three years the point is is once your body is completely consumed by the MRNA Spike protein you no longer are protein a human being you’re a spiked protein stock meaning like an a stock animal like a cow or a sheep or a goat or a lamb once your body is totally consumed by the MNR in a spike synthetic protein your DNA no longer is you and this is hard a lot of people don’t understand I am in mnrases synthetic strand of DNA created with things like that protein snake snake protein Mercer age HIV and they put this in the vaccine like a cocktail and they shake it up like you know like a drink and when they put it in your body the first thing it’s going to do it’s going to convert all your human cells into mnrna synthetic strand DNA a lot of people that went out and made the mistake of getting the shot you notice you started having like bruising all over your body well those are blood clots created because your cells no longer communicate with each other because happiness are now MNR and the other half are still human and there’s a battle going on inside your body that you created by letting them give you this vaccine okay so now you’ll notice that a lot of these places are saying come in for your brain scan the reason why you’re doing this is they want all the people who got the vaccine to go in and get a brain scan because you’re part of a lab experiment I mean they want to make sure how this MN are a spike protein has crossed the mind body barrier they want to make sure that it’s getting into your brain so that it can alter your DNA at the base level of your brain and this is tragic this is your ability to think your ability to do things that you take for granted blinking your eyes swallowing a heart beating the pumps and valves in your in your body opening and closing all these things are controlled by the miracle of your human DNA well sadly to say whether you get Mercer or you get you know AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson whatever of these shots you got will have the same effect on your body they’re all owned by the same conglomerate okay it’s basically going to change your human DNA into synthetic DNA and synthetic DNA can be owned Bill Gates has a supreme Court case where he won five years ago stating that anything that can be swabbed it it’s his property so get ready for the Roundup at the last okay corral that is if you survive long enough to even make it to the last round of the OK corral you know this is like the old west this is like you know people need to be angry beyond angry people that I love that got the shot they’re out of my life I can’t be around these people the shedding is killing other people you know if you didn’t get the vaccine you are literally going around people that have been vaccinated and they’re shedding dead cells that are synthetic DNA and it basically will make you sicker than they got getting the shot but by all means I’m telling you do not get the vaccine if you have any right or if your body or your health or you care it all about having a long amazing life you do not want them giving you the vaccine they have they can scare you all they want but they have no right to force you to get this shot you volunteer when you sign that document to get those two jobs in your arm your volunteering for a two-year trial set up by the FDA emergency trial application the mnra spike protein they said it will take between 24 and 36 months to completely take over the human body and get rid of your human DNA and make it all synthetic Bill Gates is the supreme Court case from 2006 to 2010 basically gives him full ownership if they swap the inside of your mouth and they find his mRNA strand in your mouth you are immediately claimed as property so if you own a house no you don’t if you have life insurance your life insurance expired the minute you volunteer to get the job life insurance policies are not are not covering for experimental testing so you’re not allowed with the life insurance policy that you built to protect your family those things become totally dead as soon as you sign up and got your first shot all your life insurance and all those things that you had built up to save for your family or nothing void so you don’t have to pay them anymore because they’re never going to pay you out if you got the vaccine your life insurance. So the closet and life insurance stays basically once you get involved with the experimental trials with the pharmaceutical company if something happens you life insurance no longer is valid so if you’re spending 30 dollars a month for a million dollar policy as soon as you got your first shot anything and everything that you were expected to get when you died in case of an accident or whatever there’s no longer valid so nobody’s going to bring them to court on this because it’s basically it’s written in their contract with you they’re providing you life insurance for a healthy individual of a certain age with certain risk factors whether you’re diabetic or overweight or smoke but that little teeny job in the arm basically overthrows anything and everything in your life insurance policy now how’s that for crazy.

Brain checkup

The latest in covid news how sad so now they want you to sign up for your brain checkup anybody who signed the paperwork and got the double jab they basically want to do a brain scan on you and see how they’re wonderful little mRNA protein with the spike protein in it how it’s working inside your body so I guess it’s pretty sad but I don’t know what to tell you you volunteered for the shot you basically trusted these people with your lives and that’s what you did..

You know some of our friends have been getting together using some technology right and radionics technology file residency to try and come up with the frequencies that disables this mRNA you know what’s sad to me we keep losing people that we care very much about but they you know they were so insistent on getting the shot to be free and not have to wear a mask and they still wear a mask afterwards but how do you sort through this stuff I mean most people that were just so terrified you know how do you fight something you can’t see and all you’re doing is you trust these people like you trust him like your parents your parents said don’t touch that you didn’t touch it but now the reality is coming clear I mean this shot is crippling people and the double shot is killing people so a couple of our friends started and we stopped them after the first shot they’re hanging in there but those people that did get this second shot my God one guy that is still here barely he said the first shot he was down for a day the second one he spent five days he couldn’t even get out of his bed to go to the bathroom so the bruising over the entire body blood clots and these are basically blood clots from the vaccine it’s telling your body to start fighting yourself so you have these battles they’re hinged battles on survival the MRNA wants to survive and you’re a human cells are like what the f*** is this.

Let’s say in a year Bill Gates decides he wants to round up some people for a new thing and people are scared so they won’t go voluntarily well he’s going to set up these little policy posts and stop people on the street and swab their mouth okay now what you’re saying why would they do that that’s crazy well giving you a shot was crazy but yes they absolutely will swab your mouth when they find that mRNA Spike protein in your DNA they’re padding according to the supreme Court gives them ownership of you and your body yeah getting real now so once he can confirm that you’ve got this fight protein in your body he basically owns your body and everything that you’re acid the supreme Court ruling from 2006 gave Bill Gates and the Bill of in the Gates foundation complete ownership of any patents they had so that means if it’s even if it’s alive or something they created if it’s in your body that means your body would have one in it right no because the MRNA is designed to replicate itself so rather than having a whole bunch of your DNA your body will have a whole bunch of mRNA Spike protein in it Bill Gates swab will prove that he owns that intellectual property and he’ll claim physical ownership of the properties is that intellectual property is in so they got the supreme Court to approve that ruling so that means all the people that got the double job give him a year till their bodies all totally operated by mRNA Spike technology and they’ll start doing the swabbing because they’ll need more lab people so the brain test is basically being getting all people that got the vaccine are getting the brain scan because they want to see what the effect is been I’m just wonderful little teeny chemicals as they put into the shot which basically you know the ownership of that mRNA strand basically once it replicates in your body a million or a billion times any swab they do is going to show that you’re basically own stock your property and according to the supreme Court ruling of 2006 and 2007 anything that’s got their property in it becomes ownership of them especially if it’s a percentage I give us 20% theirs well the fact is is this mRNA is designed to overtake and hijack your entire system right down to your DNA I mean your DNA said ABC now you got the double jab your DNA says ABC mRNA and mRNA is half of what your body is and that’s owned by them I mean it’s really tragic I just think that you know these people are playing with billions of people’s lives this that’s why they’re asking people to come and voluntarily for a brain scan because it’s having a real adverse effect on human brain okay basically people are having like cancer in their brain you start seeing it on these medical deliscan well brain scan is only for people that have been vaccinated twice and it’s to see the progress of the MRNA Spike protein did it get through the body to the brain and since you signed they will send you a letter because basically you signed up and volunteered to be part of this lab experiment they’re going to make you come in and get a brain scan so they can check your blood and see how the MRNA protein has been working to take over your body and expect they’re definitely going to give you a booster too like probably going to say gee well this will really help because they really want to take the entire body over not just parts of the body over so man it’s a long strange trip it’s been but it’s getting real now and you people are going to have a lot to deal with here you know another thing we found out life insurance is canceled when you volunteer for the lab experiment no longer will your life insurance be valid that means whatever your policy was that you left for your family because you volunteered for a lab experiment you are not allowed to collect life insurance on your death meaning the family that have life insurance to support them in case something happened to you is no longer valid so you know these are side effects that you need to look into you go you get the job because you’re afraid you get the second job besides the risk to your human body and your DNA your insurance is canceled you’re not protected by any medical coverages that you’ve got because.

So look they’re right they’re starting to post the request for people to come in and get the brain scans these are people that have taken the double shot mRNA now you’re probably wondering if you required to apply well that’s the whole thing and liability says that if you volunteer to get the vaccine you’re liable as well as your part of a lab experiment so you have a code and a file and they want you to come in so they can see the progression they want to see the progression of the MRNA strand and see if it’s gone through the mind-body barrier so the manganese is what’s really killing people though the manganese is basically getting up there into your brain and it’s starting to fight your brain like it’s got a war going on tragic stuff. Again like I said there’s a lot of people that care they’re trying to find ways to make these things inert you know basically to protect you I mean look let’s face it the shot that they created took months to create the virus that supposedly was attached to the bacteria had mutated a hundred times before they created their original vaccine you know it mutated you know vaccine for it this thing had mutated so many times it would be unrecognizable by the same people that found and created the first one. All I can say kitties it’s wake up time you know it’s time to really start reading what’s going on before you sign it you know I’m hoping that you’re okay I’m hoping that you live a long proof of life but the reality was is they gave me 36-month window on the vaccine for life meaning eight out of 10 in 3 years will be gone I mean I guess if that made you feel safer for 3 years so you could try and have a settlements of a life great but to most people 3 years is not your life you threw it all away because of fear like you jumped off the cliff and you’re falling towards the water and it’s a long ways down so you know keep your ears out if we find some way to help people we will try and help them but that’s all we can do but other than not taking the vaccine other than protecting your family and loved ones from the vaccine whatever whatever one it is it doesn’t matter they’re all created in the same place different names same product same company you know a lot of taxes by making four separate pharmaceutical companies they pay hardly any taxes for tricks of the trade I guess.

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So it’s actually begun

All right so this morning we got the daily news on the front of the daily News man walking down the sidewalk walks into the side of a park truck and dies on the spot this is called the zombie protocol according to the CDC where the brain basically eats itself this is going to be sad but it’s going to happen a lot now this is just the beginning I mean we’re talking millions of people that got the vaccine are just going to be like that guy in The daily News walking along the street sitting in a chair and just die it’s called catastrophic failure means bodies of the organ no longer can function even like the bruising that people get when they get the shot this is basically your blood vessels are are turning into blood clots they can’t circulate the blood anymore so people wake up

You know if you really wanted to find the parameters of what’s going to happen over the next 36 months okay it’s important to realize that the people that got the vaccine some of them will die quickly I mean in three days I mean other people will live a year maybe 6 months till the next cold season comes and then they’re gone they’re going to be like the guy in the front of the daily news today walking along and then their body just shuts down and nothing’s working anymore the bruising is called because your blood your blood cells are basically rejecting the circulation from your heart and your lungs so your body starts building a blood clot these blood clots are basically showing you that there’s something really bad going on here with the shots the vaccine is basically telling your body listen you can’t do what you do anymore we’re going to shut you down that’s why you get lots of bruising that’s why the first couple days after the shot you can’t even hardly walk some people the problem is is like the guy in The daily News today he died because of catastrophic failure he was walking down the sidewalk and his whole body his lungs is hard his liver everything just stopped working so these idiots like file she and stuff they’re doing something so horrible to humanity and people out of fear have volunteered to sign up for this thing and once you sign that document they own you block sucking barrel I mean it’s sad but Bill Gates really planned this well with his lawyers they went to the supreme Court they got the supreme Court to give them permission top you know a simple swab on the side of your mouth can show the RN mRNA I mean if they do a swab on the inside of your mouth and you’ve had the vaccine it shows mRNA and once that is shown that that’s owned and patented by Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation so since they own that patent they own that Gene when they do a swab in the inside of your mouth claim you load you right up into a truck do whatever they want with you you are property now you know never before in the history of man is this stuff happen except under dictators and warlords and now we’re living in America and they’re doing this to the Americans I mean you know sure in 2024 I’m sure Trump will be president again he he didn’t do anything wrong they spent four years trying to beat him up and then Biden took over we got 2 million illegals in the country now kids are being kidnapped off the Border all over my friends in Texas are literally guarding their children they can’t go to the playground anymore because there’s all these strange homeless people wandering right now we don’t know where they’re from and I’m not saying people are bad in general I’m saying that people that came into America came for reason some of them came here because it was the land of opportunity and pedophiles and s*** like that those are not the kind of people you want in America drug lords you don’t want them in America you don’t want gang members that have got five stars tattooed on their neck for all the people they killed people need to wake up.

The double-edged sword of freedom

Do all those people looking for a bargain with the covey cab I bet you’re in Nirvana having here they’re giving out free cars free guns and free scholarships to go to college but you got to get the job the problem is is the job lifespan of people getting the job is 3 years so you won’t even finish college before you’re gone and if you get the brand new guns I’ll take them away with the ATF for not having anybody be able to own rifles how do you deal with this well I would hope that you’re getting intelligent with the technology that you’ve got smartphones computers laptops if you really start searching hard you’ll start finding out the truth of what’s really going on here it’s got nothing to do with covid it’s got to do with population control so you say why would that be well population control 7.5 +million people live on Earth on Earth.

This is not a vaccine this is an experimental biological agent they’re injecting to people’s arms and they are enlisting you in their lab experiment okay they’re enlisting you in this lab experiment so that they can track the result of their inefficient new killing tool you know you get the job you died so they write it down in their logs you know traveling the va’s been trying to do that with most veterans they keep sending him notices are coming to get your free vaccination well they should probably try and give them cars and give them good medical and help them out because then at least they’ll be dying in a comfortable place.

There is a real opportunity going on here with August with the reinstatement of Donald Trump as president when the supreme Court comes back with all the voter fraud it’s going to dynamically change how voter registration is done and it should that was a protection system designed to ensure that the people that voted for the president in the United States we’re not corporate big wins who are making money off of who was president but it was one person one vote for America and if you’re a citizen whether a green card or born here you’re right to vote if you don’t demand identification then anybody can write somebody’s name down with an address that means that you’re tipping the scales because if there’s let’s say there’s 1 million illegal people well 1 million people illegally voting for somebody can definitely change the outcome of an election in one state or one city or One Federal district

More over the funniest thing is it’s in Park slope Brooklyn 80% of the people who are Democrat honking their horn went Biden supposedly was a registered to be the president or now switch parties and it become Republican trying to get Donald Trump back in office because they’re starting to understand what’s going on with the illegal immigration at the border it’s just tragic you know how many people are coming across the don’t deserve to be here how many people are coming across the board and have violent history you know criminals pedophiles convict murderers once they come across the border and they wander into the United States nobody finds out where they go who they are what they’re doing we are seeing a big increase on the southern border of crime that’s for sure you know so the good thing is is Donald Trump’s really dedicated and start tracking down these criminals that came across the border and get him out of here because of Americans whether you’re green card or citizen or born here or American Indian this is your country and you do have a right to feel safe in your own house that’s not going to happen when thousands of people are breaking into empty houses p you know where’s the real messy thing and and when you look at what’s going on the fact is it’s American citizens are getting really angry about what Biden is doing to this country I mean the people he’s trying to put into positions of power the ATF it’s been too long now that we have people in positions of power to not only are not educated to do those positions they don’t have the background or the skill to accomplish the job task that are required in those positions and they shouldn’t be appointed into a position that is so much for reaching power one they probably can’t Ban it even manage their own checking book you give these people billions of dollars and say oh we’re going to put you in charge of the ATF because we like the way you think but you don’t know anything about what a gun is you don’t know anything about ammunition you don’t understand the reasons why people on weapon if you think people go and buy guns because they want to hurt people you’re wrong most honest hard-working Americans