I guess we have forgotten

a world filled with living thriving humanity has been shot in the chest by a small group of demons bent on world domination thru mind control using the media and fear they have launched a viscous attack on the family with the fake covid scandel i guess we have forgotten Nuremburg where german high command were brought up on charges war crimes against humanity.

I come for a polish family and know that thousands of relatives were spread out thru the various concentration camps and know from first hand family who lived thru this atrocity that what was done to human being children men women and those who were loaded into box cars and delivered to various stations designed to use them as human labor and run tests on them horrible tests one thing is for sure the recent moves by high level political and medical officials have brought back that helpless feeling of what will they do to us next do not get the vacine its their fear that makes them so dangerous most people would do anything for there loved ones but the solution is not about protecting you its about destroying what makes you the DNA is not something that should be played with weather to create a perfect human or to see what happens to the monkey when you take the brain and scramble it up with chop sticks

the plague is political gynecide and and to see people lining up to get chipped and so comply out of fear when the only loss of life was a normal year cold and flu season along with sticking thousands of cold and flu patients into nursing homes where the elderly and compromised had not even a chance so was this a cruel virus or a bunch of idiots who decided to run a human test and call it the covid test when you are a doctor offered thousands of dollars to imply that covid was a cause or related that your wonderful fauci would insure you get a nice stimulus check for each case you offer up this is criminal these animals are due to be brought down low if America ever wakes up and says like the movie network news put your head out the window and scream” I AM MAD A HELL AND WONT TAKE IT ANY MORE “

we are not plants or herd animals

you are sentient human beings who have rights especially in america worth defending it is time to take back the reigns of power from a group of fools who have fleeced this nation daily for years giving our tax dollars to foreign power friends those who would pay them for a favor how can this be right we didnt make a deal to help these warlords and dictators yet our tax dollars rather then support americans support private networks of political intrigue by lobbiest and fool hardy politicians do you know that not once in the last year have the officers senators congressmen or house of rep not been paid only we have been locked down and denied the right to the pursuit to happiness and provide a better life for our loved ones. So when will we say no more when will the treasures of this great nation be given not to demigods and political powers across the world to gloat at its humble citizens but to demand that they go to support the American dream not make politicians rich how much money and power do they need to steal before its enough?

When the banks and wall street were bailed out by our tax dollars no one blinked but when you lost everything they didnt skip a beat to send collection agents to get back what you took how wrong is this?

before march on brooklyn bridge now you will be lucky if you see four or five on the bridge at the middle of the day how sad

amazing profound we need to realize its time to take it back before the boat goes off course and hits the jagged rocks along the shore of destruction

Before you get too serious think about when you were young how the time flew by because everything you did was fun and interesting a giant box of new toys maybe one of our greatest problems in our lives is we get so serious about every thing we doeverything

Magik is all around us ; We just need to open our eyes

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It will take real Hero’s enough of insanity America must wake before it’s too Late


So how many need to Die from pharma insanity and government attempts to remove our god given rights

Skip to content USA DONATE Give the gift of truth – Help us reach our goal by Dec. 24th! Donate NEWS Baby of ‘fully vaccinated’ mom dies after born bleeding from mouth, nose: VAERS report A two-year-old’s death which was then scrubbed from the website, a neonate’s hemorrhaging death, and an eight-year-old’s heart attack were among recent VAERS reports   shutterstock.com Celeste McGovern Comments  Fri Dec 10, 2021 – 7:55 pm EST (LifeSiteNews) – A baby whose mother received two COVID vaccine shots during her last trimester of pregnancy was born bleeding from his mouth and nose, and died the day after his birth, according to a recent report to the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System from a foreign “regulatory authority.” The baby boy was born on the morning of October 6, 2021, after his mother received two experimental mRNA Moderna shots on July 19 and August 13. He was expected on October 15 but was delivered weighing 2,800 grams (just over six pounds, two ounces) in hospital after a labor marked by unstable fetal heartbeat. “The doctor said that after the patient was born, there was a cry. When the umbilical cord was cut for newborn care, the nursing staff found that the patient had symptoms of oral and nose bleeding, and immediately asked the pediatrician to intubate and give him oxygen, and he was admitted to the NICU,” according to the report received by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) November 18 from an unidentified foreign health agency. “In the NICU, his result of examination showed abnormal blood coagulation, pulmonary hemorrhage [acute bleeding from the lungs], and cardiac dysfunction.” According to the VAERS report (No. 1879991) on the death following “transplacental exposure” to the mRNA vaccine, it was unknown if an autopsy was performed and no cause of death was reported, but the infant’s father suspected it was related to the vaccine. The infant death is one of 52 reported deaths among 30,550 adverse events recorded by VAERS for children under 17 years old as of December 3. Among the other reports: Another nursing newborn, who was pending discharge from hospital, suddenly developed problems after his mother received a second dose of Pfizer’s vaccine on September 9. Within 24 hours, the baby experienced a significant drop in heart rate, low oxygen in the blood causing him to turn blue, and he developed difficulties sucking and swallowing. An ultrasound of his head revealed brain blood clots that “were not present prior to vaccination,” according to the VAERS report, which concludes that baby was transferred to higher level of care for neurological evaluation. A report on a five-year-old girl in Iowa who had underlying health conditions but was doing well is among those recently added to VAERS. She was injected with Pfizer’s vaccine November 18 and was monitored in hospital. She was discharged from hospital a day later, but her father found her pulseless and not breathing. She had died unexpectedly during the night, three days after the shot. An 11-year-old girl from the state of Georgia died the same day that she was vaccinated with Pfizer’s vaccine meant for children over the age of 12. No cause was stated in the VAERS report. An eight-year-old boy from Wyoming who was “totally healthy and active” prior to receiving a first dose of Pfizer’s COVID pediatric shot was hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit with myocarditis, an inflammatory life-threatening heart condition, two days later in November. A previously healthy10-year-old girl in Oregon developed chest pain and had difficulty breathing and was hospitalized for myocarditis four days after getting Pfizer’s shot, even though she had already had COVID a year earlier. In September, a 14-year-old from North Carolina received a first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine and the following day was drooling, could only mumble when speaking and was in an “altered state” at his school, when an ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with a stroke and had surgery to remove clot from his brain. A 13-year-old from Maryland suffered a fatal heart attack 15 days after receiving a Pfizer shot. A nine-year-old girl in Southern California had a seizure lasting 30 seconds about a minute after receiving her first dose of COVID vaccine in November. A 16-year-old Wisconsin girl with cancer whose death report was received by VAERS in November was found deceased in her bed the third morning after her shot in September with “excessive amounts of blood along with large blood clots that appear to have come vaginally.” No autopsy was ordered, according to the report. Toddler death scrubbed from data Other recent reports to VAERS include the death of a two-year-old Alaska boy following COVID vaccination. The report of his death briefly appeared in reports posted on VAERS. The record said the boy “began bleeding out the mouth, eyes, nose and ears within six hours of the shot” and died the same evening. The report appeared briefly on the VAERS website on Thanksgiving Monday in a batch of 14,529 records which were downloaded, according to a VAERS analysis website run by an anonymous data tracker. The retracted reports were then reloaded onto the website on December 3, but the record of the two-year-old’s death was not among them. While no COVID vaccine has been authorized for children as young as two, numerous reports of accidental vaccinations of children with adult doses, or children who mistakenly received COVID shots instead of other vaccines for their age group are recorded. A four- and five-year-old brother and sister both received adult-dose COVID vaccines instead of flu shots from a Walgreens pharmacy and developed heart complications afterwards, for example. — Article continues below Petition — PETITION: No to mandatory vaccination for the coronavirus   Show Petition Text 1077999 have signed the petition. Let’s get to 1100000! Add your signature: USA State… Sign this Petition Keep me updated via email on this petition and related issues. The Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use authorization (EUA) for Pfizer’s abortion-tainted COVID vaccine for children aged five to 11 on October 29, 2021 so more data on that age bracket can be expected to be recorded to VAERS in the coming months, especially as mandates are introduced. The vaccine is experimental and uses a novel gene therapy that hijacks cellular machinery to manufacture spike protein which the body is meant to manufacture antibodies against. LifeSite asked the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to confirm the case and why it was removed from the database, but the agency’s media group did not respond to the questions. In Canada, when Independent Member of Provincial Parliament Rick Nicholls asked Ontario Minister of Health Christine Elliot about the reported rise in stillbirths among vaccinated mothers in the province this week, the government ignored his questions and refused to answer. Bleeding disorders Bleeding disorders are described in thousands of VAERS reports including 2,177 records of deaths following COVID vaccination. Many of these reports include descriptions of patients experiencing nosebleeds, blood in stool from gastric bleeds, brain bleeds, bruising, and bleeding from the mouth. One VAERS report describes a five-month-old breastfeeding baby who died from a rare autoimmune bleeding disorder, Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) after developing a rash the day following his mother receiving a COVID vaccine. TTP has been reported in a number of people who had been vaccinated with AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s vaccines. A Norwegian study put the rate at one case in 26,000 vaccine doses. If this rate were to be applied to 76 million American vaccinated children, 2,923 children could be expected to develop the potentially lethal bleeding disorder. Myocarditis/pericarditis Among VAERS reports for six- to 17-year-olds are 1,094 serious heart conditions, most for potentially lethal myocarditis and pericarditis, and most (997) following Pfizer’s vaccine. Health Canada reports 1,428 instances of myocarditis/pericarditis among 1,598 cardiac disorders, affecting those an average age of 27 but children as young as 11. The agency received 1,138 reports from healthcare professionals of bleeding and blood clotting disorders after COVID vaccination in Canada. Most injuries in VAERS are neurological, according to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., president of the Children’s Health Defense, who testified earlier this week to a Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee considering a bill to add COVID vaccines to the mandated vaccine schedule for children in the state. Pfizer lied Kennedy said Pfizer hid at least one serious injury to a child in its vaccine trial, which included only 1,100 children. Maddie De Gary, a 12-year-old girl from Cincinnati, Ohio who took part in Pfizer’s trial and immediately developed a fever and seizures, is permanently disabled by the vaccine, but Pfizer pretends she does not exist. “She is in a wheelchair for life. She can only eat through a feeding tube through her nose,” said Kennedy. “She was one of the 1,100 children. When we went back and looked at Pfizer’s study, they said Maddie De Gary had a stomachache. So, they lied.” “If one in 1,1000 children look like this, this is an injury that will affect 75,000 [American] children,” if 76 million American children are force-vaccinated, Kennedy added. Kennedy called the COVID vaccine the “deadliest vaccine ever made,” showing a graphic illustrating COVID vaccine injury logged by the U..S. government in eight months since its rollout comprising more than half of all vaccine injuries recorded to the agency in 33 years. So far, uptake of the experimental shots for children has remained low in some regions of the country. In Butte Country, California, just 3% of eligible children under 12 have been doubly vaccinated and 6% have received one shot. In Shasta County, just 4.7% of children have taken a first dose of Pfizer’s lucrative experimental injection. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR DAILY HEADLINES SUBSCRIBE US Canada Catholic State data show that the Bay Area counties including San Francisco have the highest vaccination rates ranging from 26% to 51% with at least one dose, but the statewide average for five- to 11-year-olds is 13.5%. Although reports to VAERS do not confirm that a vaccine caused an injury, a major Harvard-Pilgrim study also showed that only a fraction – as little as one percent – of vaccine effects that should be reported to the government are in fact reported. LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page. View it here.  TOPICS Coronavirus TAGGED AS Coronavirus Vaccine SHARE 112 Comments Keep this news available to you and millions more Your gift will spread truth, defeat lies, and save lives $  Donate Now EDITOR’S MUST READS Vatican III: Francis’ Synod on Synodality is going to be ‘a mishmash of confusion and heresy’ Republican Senate candidate Dr. Oz endorsed abortion, slammed pro-lifers in unearthed interview ‘Hospital death camps’: Attorney says COVID patients are trapped and receiving harmful treatments Why we can expect the new COVID shots, variants and lockdowns to keep on coming SUBSCRIBE TO DAILY HEADLINES » News Opinion Blogs Podcasts Video LifeFacts LifePetitions Voter Voice About Subscribe Advertise Reprint Permissions Privacy Legal Technical Support Contact Donate           © 1997-2021 LifeSiteNews.com. All Rights Reserved. Legal Information

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