I guess we have forgotten

a world filled with living thriving humanity has been shot in the chest by a small group of demons bent on world domination thru mind control using the media and fear they have launched a viscous attack on the family with the fake covid scandel i guess we have forgotten Nuremburg where german high command were brought up on charges war crimes against humanity.

I come for a polish family and know that thousands of relatives were spread out thru the various concentration camps and know from first hand family who lived thru this atrocity that what was done to human being children men women and those who were loaded into box cars and delivered to various stations designed to use them as human labor and run tests on them horrible tests one thing is for sure the recent moves by high level political and medical officials have brought back that helpless feeling of what will they do to us next do not get the vacine its their fear that makes them so dangerous most people would do anything for there loved ones but the solution is not about protecting you its about destroying what makes you the DNA is not something that should be played with weather to create a perfect human or to see what happens to the monkey when you take the brain and scramble it up with chop sticks

the plague is political gynecide and and to see people lining up to get chipped and so comply out of fear when the only loss of life was a normal year cold and flu season along with sticking thousands of cold and flu patients into nursing homes where the elderly and compromised had not even a chance so was this a cruel virus or a bunch of idiots who decided to run a human test and call it the covid test when you are a doctor offered thousands of dollars to imply that covid was a cause or related that your wonderful fauci would insure you get a nice stimulus check for each case you offer up this is criminal these animals are due to be brought down low if America ever wakes up and says like the movie network news put your head out the window and scream” I AM MAD A HELL AND WONT TAKE IT ANY MORE “

we are not plants or herd animals

you are sentient human beings who have rights especially in america worth defending it is time to take back the reigns of power from a group of fools who have fleeced this nation daily for years giving our tax dollars to foreign power friends those who would pay them for a favor how can this be right we didnt make a deal to help these warlords and dictators yet our tax dollars rather then support americans support private networks of political intrigue by lobbiest and fool hardy politicians do you know that not once in the last year have the officers senators congressmen or house of rep not been paid only we have been locked down and denied the right to the pursuit to happiness and provide a better life for our loved ones. So when will we say no more when will the treasures of this great nation be given not to demigods and political powers across the world to gloat at its humble citizens but to demand that they go to support the American dream not make politicians rich how much money and power do they need to steal before its enough?

When the banks and wall street were bailed out by our tax dollars no one blinked but when you lost everything they didnt skip a beat to send collection agents to get back what you took how wrong is this?

before march on brooklyn bridge now you will be lucky if you see four or five on the bridge at the middle of the day how sad

amazing profound we need to realize its time to take it back before the boat goes off course and hits the jagged rocks along the shore of destruction

Before you get too serious think about when you were young how the time flew by because everything you did was fun and interesting a giant box of new toys maybe one of our greatest problems in our lives is we get so serious about every thing we doeverything

Magik is all around us ; We just need to open our eyes

Watch “Inspirational Mum’s Dream Comes True | Undercover Boss USA | All 4” on YouTube

See feel believe embrace respect care compassion

Given the state::: America ‘s rat//tat//tui/festation

Political scoundrels remind me of   old cartoons fat Rats lady and the tramp kind dunkdedunk

Writing laws they refuse to follow but demand we follow rats who feed off our struggles and sorrows steel your very own family’s investiture in the Corporate needs of this great country for Forty years.

Handing their personal friends in foreign nations manipulate rob steal and even destroy entire families for GREED. Now the screws tighten as their lies are being exposed it’s time for the true Americans rise against this evil pod of Jackels and Hyena for too long you have colluded against the very people’s who have built this great nation from sweat toil sorrow loss war!!!!!!

The hard work and effort that has been put into this great nation by the human beings that God has cuz all kindly created on to this earth and given knowledge and skill and talent and right this is important because what’s going on right now is it travesty and travesty of lies and deception you people that work for this corporation work for us the American people the American people are not subject to you you are subject to them so writing your own pay raises deciding to give your friend and some foreign country millions of dollars of American tax money for weapons or whatever you don’t even run this by the American people anymore I have these people such idiots the things they’re doing here man see you aren’t the American people are not subject to you you are subject to them so writing your own pay raises deciding to give your friends and some foreign country millions of dollars of American tax money for weapons or whatever you want to talk about what a tragedy and yet you get in front of cameras every day and answer questions with lies and deception on top of that do you think people can’t walk out of their house and smell the air and smell smoke in the sky this is a scandal you’re getting ready to be brought before the magnifying glass of all the people that you have named and hurt the generations of human beings of the humanity on this Earth whatever color creed and nationality is not important since God created mankind and you basically just work for a small group of mankind it’s not your right to overpower the rest of the world with weapons and tell everybody how they have to live. Because as they used to say in ancient times “when great nations are brought low or is directly related to corruption and godless values

As we sit in shock they race to inject children as young as 2 crazy is as crazy does time for those who know what’s happening need to express this truth fully openly

“surely the Earth doesn’t stop spinning and Sun continues to pulse energy provided by the universe and the creator none can claim his living examples of a perfection beyond our minds greatest skill