Magik passion

Oh the sweet taste of warm honey on my lips the warm caress between her beautiful breasts, how many times i have been overwhelmed by the desire expressed as we wandered together long trail thru the park or into the lake late at night just the two of us naked and alone.

The sight of her nipples erect thru the sheer silk shirt and the smile she shared as i seemed overly excited how can you ignore the passion building deep inside the warm feeling you get when she txts you late at night wanting you to race over and pleasure her until she is shaking next to you; her round curves exposed as you walk hand in hand the love you have shared the time spent in such expression of the delight and fantasy shared time without end how can you deny the feelings you get when her eyes glaze from sheer joy that you have been chosen to be her treasure a magic toy.

in your eyes i sea the universe shining back at me

I long to hold you naked before me on the couch or in the tub two of us together sharing your feelings and desires a trust we have built thru the years the many times we expressed our desires not afraid to share not afraid to be real in a world of cold empty souls wandering alone staring at smart phones from hell do they miss the value of why we don’t need it do they not understand how great time shared one on one can be lost in endless vanity over things that matter not lost on fake and distant distractions of things that were never important at all how can then they understand if only for a moment to look up and smile to hope for a true friend to share someone who is willing to listen or walk holding hands on a warm summer night or sit watching an old movie late into the night, hold me tight don’t let go be the princess of dreams long envisioned of us long ago be my angel my mistress my heart throb of desire be the most important vision i want to wake to regardless of the day a night of us together to play for hours in the dark able to express the inner thoughts and truths we share inside to whisper in your ears knowing you’ll never expose my fears. Making our time so priceless our love so true you and i together a special place indeed you and I together lust and deep desire over a million moments and with the desires between us not risking art all high above into the night the stars twinkle and shine and we sit there together holding hearts and bodies as one you and i together are a love brighter then the sun.

I wake up in the morning you wrapped in my arms hearing your heart beat next to mine you sleeping next to me without a fear and i know that when you wake you will never betray me or leave me out in the cold as love like this is rare and special like a explipse of the sun and the moon you and i are connected by all we believe and all that we can express.

like a distant sun i dream to touch a open wound of love and lust

a fight of desire, just a kiss can I taste it sweet;

as i walk along the road of life ,and touch so much beauty too shake my soul

i love the way you kiss me how you look into my eyes how we share our deepest feelings and look at the sunrise, ancient stories of long lost loves and you and i like a pair of giant eagles high above the sea soaring between the clouds seeing so much below and beyond the sight of those who cannot understand what is love and desire if you cannot understand what is passion if you miss the moment holding my hand in yours know that i love you and will never risk losing this passion we share indeed you and i can walk on water or sour high above the sea but even in the emptiness of space our love is like the air we breathe. magic passion desire so sweet the honey you share with me makes my heart race so fast as if this wass the last drop of honey in the earth shared with me because of trust and passions expressed you are the center of met universe the dream i cannot forget the endless shower of warm mist falling from high up a granite cliff that quench’s my hearts desire.

i remember when we were so young you and i playing at mission bay i remember how i loved your smile even as children i could feel a special need to be near, we all grow up and learn as life takes its toll and we all see things that others might never know but i will never forget somethings that you have left a deep mark on my soul a warm smile or they beauty that was you in a sheer cotton dress Audrey even after all these years i cannot forget how you make me feel, i often wonder if i have ignored my mothers fears if we would have been together now for so manyt years it seems like a novel about love and how we can be so overwhelmed with inner desire how we can make so many choices about what we want and miss out on the best perfection put right before our eyes, where can we ever get back to that moment a place where we felt so complete even now many years have [passed away and i still see you the day you opened your door and stood before me what a beauty you took my breath away and any time i look at a woman i see you as a goddess before my eyes.

Hope is a mountain we all reach to know love is a fountain we hope to enjoy a warm running spring of passion to share an endless adventure if we dare and even many years pass and l still remember your smile hope your life is filled with the love and passion you deserve u gave such meaning to my youth and i will never forget how you made me feel i have dreamed of us so many times but my mother refused to allow us a space or the hope we could share but audrey you are an angel and i will always have you in my dream the angel from my youth the desire of a passion i hoped might be dreams of desire passions so sweet your beauty that all must be measured by and expressions i have never shared with another.

You know Audrey you had my heart since we lived in pacific beach the toughest cool girl I knew and OMG YOU GREW UP INTO A STUNNING WOMAN ITS A POWERFUL FACR YOU HAVE BEEN IN MY DREAMS MOST OF MY ADULT LIFE

Under the struggles of time and depth of understanding I finally figured out why every beautiful woman was measured against you wow talk about a powerful image I often wonder how you are after all these years I hope you found love ❤️

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