the question of life what and who are you how to achieve profound

let us find profound define the destiny of eternity by bold actions and no fear.

its been a long journey life filled with amazing and challenging times and the question what and why am i here how can i be both a happy person and expose that inner Genius. its not the goal or the age but the journey is the task at hand dont be afraid walk towards your amazing future and be bold and profound

living in fear destroys everything leaving a vacant empty hole where once was the magik of life and exceptional opportunities, seeking a life full and a journey that will define a bright future for you and those who you touch in your journey.


i have had the great honor to use my creative skills to define my life and help those who i care about

I was born in Honolulu Hawaii in 1959 at tripler navel hospital, i had a good family who worked hard and played hard the rules of life showed that we have to strive to reach your goals both large and small and in that the reward of happiness and understanding grow within

Writing music art painting i have been blessed with many skills and talents

after high school i chose to enter the military and serve my country something that i saw by my fathers example i got the great opportunity to travel and learn amazing skills working both with advanced military tech and spending over a year working on Chinook CH 47 what an amazing helicopter working both on the line launching them and ground support as well as going out to sea on ‘detachments where i stayed on the USS Kilawai a LST and spent months transfering material support to such ships as the Enterprise carrier i have fond memories of this time and had great fun working on expensive aircraft and engine systems bydrolic systems and avionics equiptmemt

hey where is your mask i might get something besides deeply interested in spending the day with you in the pool but forgot my mask Sorry
life is profound if you take the time to enter into the living and challenges that it offers sure we all have difficult experiences and hardships but its these things that give us a medium line a place to gage life by happiness sorrow pain suffering all part of the journey

Real tests are hard to resolve but in each is a talley of lessons to teach us skills for the future and build our character. developing our personality using kindness and compassion working hard to accomplish the tasks at hand and taking the time to reach towards lofty goals and start to see that with each new day we are given the chance to grow and learn find love and passion develop your inner soul to be above base and cruel feelings that affect your growth. none of us are perfect by any means but as a community if we try to help each other and be humble in our nature we can grow far above the average life to one that is spectacular and filled with memories of happiness and love seeing that when we share with others good then we see first hand as our universe grows and responds in kind,

like the journey of the sun across the sky

we all face challenges some beyond our understanding and difficult to handle on any day yet its important to strive forward with positive attitude and strong determination to overcome challenges some times life gives us tests huge ones i was paralyzed and was told i would never walk again and i refused to accept or believe the doctors maybe because i feared my life was over so after a few days of deep depression i decided that i would find a way to over come this huge test first find the reason i was told i would never walk again and then search a way to define a way to return my health its a true fact that i have learned thru many hard tests your health is your most prescious treasure and not to be taken lightly how can you give up on this amazing life knowing full well that you can be and do almost anything if you keep struggling towards it and facing and overcoming any and all obstacles

Idecided to seach out knowledge on how my bodt works and learned about the types of medication i was being perscribed as it was clear some of the things doctors dicated seemed wrong and i wanted to keep my health at its best i searched for years to find a path that was blessed with good knowledge and the equiptment needed to achieve and keep my health at its best

the latest events across the earth and the need for truth rather then feeding of mis information given by media giants who care for nothing but to keep cashing in on fear weather you use doctors or see a holistic care provider you want and need to learn and understand the choices you make and how they will affect your life .

musicman guitar man

i have been writing since i was a teenager and play guitar as well as write music and

over the life we are so blessed in deed; to see such beauty and feel the full embrace, of free to have her smile, and laugh. love and be my desire: shes the reason; for existence the stars in the life we live.

beautiful and passionate filled with amazing devine and true and i want so much to know, not with fear and anxiety;

but with passion and desire to hold you and play four hours be amazed and touched by such beauty standing before my very eyes my heart is lost for hours and hours. this i cannot deny my heart frozen in your stare,


I have always loved working with my hands from carpentry and painting i have specialized in historical restoration of old painted ladies and colonials tudors and even custom homes across america along with the extensive years of working in building industry i have also spent hours learning the skills i needed to achieve these goals i love building and look forward each day to the challenges that keep apearing in my life

2005 – 2008

from working four years in industrial construction working on all phases of building commercial and government projects from foundations to roofs windows doors and concrete along with my freelance design consulting where i was given the great joy to help families design custom homes and rebuild treasured homes after hurricanes and natural disasters that have come to pass

as we all have the potential to be profound its important to define our goals and work hard to achieve them

2012 – 2015

give me a week and the supplies i can do professional and beautiful work in most fields of construction along with the joy of working with a team of others towards a common goal

open your heart and believe in yourself towards the amazing and dont let others define you in a box and deny you the amazing choices that exist dont fear anything as in life each test and every victory come from hard work faith and strong desire to achieve the goals you have chosen as your journey,

i have met amazing people and have enjoyed the company love of amazing women and friends in the field of health there are some real amazing ones like my friend Rebecca Hart a amazing healer who works so hard to help others her skill is so profound having spent years and years workign in natural health deep tissue massage along with choosing to be a national distributor for Grainfields probiotics from Brisbane australia some of the best suppliments available anywhere and her skills dont stop there she has spent years as a national distributor of Grander water purification systems then there is dean Howell a skilled naturalpath who has worked in his field over forty years to help people with difficult issues regarding your body structure and traumas that we all endure he has created his own treatments and as a client i am grateful for both his laughter and his skill to help me keep my back injury in check and allowing me to continue to improve my health daily

We recently got into the most amazing digital tech release in years a personal phone that has been equipped with the tools for providing you the access to over one hundred thousand isolated frequency’s of optimal health and tools that open up more health monitoring you can check them out at this link i think you will be amazed as i was finally a smart phone that really helps you in your daily goals of health and life www,aoscanmobile,com/replica/JerryB


2008 – 2012



1998-2020 high end custom homes and interior design as well as custom decks and exterior landscape design custom floating kitchens and hardwood floors and custom fabricated installations for both business and personal uses

we become an instrument of amazing or waste your time being board be amazing life is way to short to spend your journey sleeping or wearing blinders.


when we all rise together the outcome can be profound freedom and liberty are not for sale not interested in some beads and blankets?

Let’s make something together.

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