Remember to dream big

with freedom you can dream big with slavery you are nothing but a comodity and value based on how much work you can provide the machine it sad but it looks like finally the corp raiders are trying to take all the candy,

we all have had bad days but in the end you will have amazing days to remember as well much brighter and more amazing if you just take the time to focus your energies on these best moments building a fantastic vision of what you love and the way you express yourself.

give into the long exhale of magic once you make your choices walk with your head held high and a smile on your face its up to you to define your life do not accept mediocrity but strive to build a bright future one that combines all of your dreams and brings about magik of the best kind reach high into the scope of your dreams the things you love will grow much faster then those you don’t.

this moment should inspire you to work hard and play even harder as you get one chance here to become the dream only by taking the journeys tha provide the skills and tools required to succeed.

Work to keep your health at its peak and if you need take some extra time to focus on this part of your life as when your body is healthy all the other things you have to and want to do can be accomplished in a largely amazing journey that helps us grow as sentient beings and create a thriving society this can only happen when the lies are removed and truth becomes the gold standard of social iinteraction and dynamic outreach to provide every child the best tools to help change our civilization and advance our species as a family of diverse social and family structures all have claim and value, given our unique place on earths pecking order although we have great power and technology unless we choose to grow as a species and adapt life to make each of our citizens lives better on the grand scale; developing our values as we go towards a place where all children have the opportunity to learn grow and strive towards their personal dreams how ever complex they might be.

To your children its even more important that they have no fear its a weapon that destroys us from inside we cannot change some things but knowing that at any time Dr Death might come knocking and there is no get out of this care that i know of only that true be told we all will get a front row seat to death at some date and time and until then we should focus our energys on positive contributions to the community that you live in and the people who you care about.

A beautiful woman covering her mouth is a sign of great prestige and honor she is revered as a treasure not to be passed around sort of like shine bright like a diamond

requiring the individual to share who she is based on inner knowledge beauty and skill these tools give not only security but inner strength and dynamic resolve. as a child i grew up watching these amazing movies about the desert and the nomad Tribes who wandered the desert between desert oasis’s and palaces lined in gold and full of beautiful women in Hareem a place they stayed hidden from the general masses as the treasures they possess can not be allowed to foul in character and nature.

Demanding the entire population be forced into restrictive masks that do not protect from any virus or bacteria infact they box says on the bottom front that these masks do not provide protection of any kind, i was raised if im sick i will stay home and ensure i get healthy before returning to the people at work and school or gatherings in general. forcing a mask on healthy people not only deprives you of oxygen but it allows the same bad things your exhaling to be trapped in the fiber of the mask and be re introduced into the lungs again,

lets face it this amazing lady doesn’t need any healthy chocies and she has good style”

bring your knowledge and skills to bare search out your heart and develop how you want to get where you want to go and achieve what is most important

the whole world is watching will you be part of the dismantling of the techno-totalitarian dynasty the masses must rise up and deem freedom is more critical then any promised cure by the political voice pieces of the Uber Rich how are the face Diapers working for you must be real stuffy in there !

the destruction of the last Bastian of freedom by a few individuals who have stolen the wealth of humanity at the cost o what loss think about it freedom liberty right to live the life you wish and be with the community that you care to be free to wake up go out and be amazing removing those things you have worked so hard to build as they vanish under the state run police and less then smart political leaders who don’t fight for you but in fact are the mouthpiece for the Mr global they fear our freedom and fear our weapons more then you know second amendment the future of freedom all rise up its time to take your freedom firmly in our hands and tell the big Global to walk this way before they are destroyed literally for the evil deeds

Its funny back in the eightys the company ATT had a manopoly and the government demanded they sell off assets so other companys could also survive and be on an equal playing field now its no such thing the fact is give a look at the list these are the new monsters in the closet and they need to be shut down to save our freedom and liberty it only seems convenient

1 amazon

3 chase bank

4 major pharmacuticals there are about six or seven phizer squibs

5. gates foundation

rothchilds hold dozens of shell corps to control the vast wealth he holds

we are nothing to them but fodder for the cannon they throw us to the wolves to entertain themselves and we spend all our time fighting each other over stupid differences that are so un important color culture religion language its time we stop letting them conquer and divide.

Jan 6, 2021 the day when the president must declare and sign into effect the Insurrection act to protect this great nation and allow us to move forward with truth and justice liberty and freedom the fools that tried to steal america should run they have no more time i was talking to a fellow yesterday and now the anger is boiling out from all that has been forced upon us as a nation to be upset no angry livid that in this great nation the shining pilar of the world a few scum tried to steal the world and have shown there metal by the forced sterilizing the women in detention center because they were illegals and these idiots thought no one would notice if we start the process of sterilization in these groups to build up the technique so when the rest of america is locked down and be stripped of there rights and there GUNs we can finish then off quickly with little or no resistance.

the dream of freedom the miracle of flight and having a private jet to touch heaven when you want with your friend and his private jet what a way to spend a day In America the land of the free home of the brave and Bastian of liberty and freedom.

if you like the freedom to choose when you work what kind of job you do and what you spend your valuable time focusing on it is vital you wake up and begin your life again there is no safety in hiding from life and these politicians are out of control any one with a sixth grade education can see the people who have the control are not smart and practical latest insanity that Cuomo wants to lock you in an internment camp if you have a cold with his planned new covid police who are simply stated the SS out looking for a reason to take your rights life and children away from you there is no more evil thing than when others with no rights take your children and force them into a life they decided rather then them having the life you dreamed for them to live in this great nation how sad that its the opposite of the statue of liberty give us your tired huddled masses now its step up put a boot on their neck and treat them as property that you own and do what you wish with them in a slave world we are only tool of there pleasure and service when they got this idea well its been around for thousands of years there have always been those who think they are entitled even when you know they lied and cheated to get where they are even though you know in your heart these are Hyena’s who will eat their own.

America is not a joke and the citizens of this nation will make sure anyone who tried to steal our rights is cast into the deepest pit of human depravity and they deserve nothing more, biden didnt win any thing he stole it the democratic deep state has long stolen the wealth of America and put it in their pockets to enhance there lives not use them to serve our nation and the values and goals we spread across the earth the entire world is on the edge of its seat the rules have changed its time to stop supporting these major corp raiders who have stolen the world by not supporting them or refusing to buy from them opens the door to possibility and freedom will do the rest stop saving at chase and they wont have billions to fund these devils stop buying from amazon and the small businesses will be able to provide for those in the community stop using apple phones as they are one of the worst these apple phones made in china sweat shops by people who work all day for a quarter who have to pay fines to go to the bathroom work 18 hours a day with no breaks under slavery type conditions why do you not see waiting a hour or two to buy an apple phone because apple says its the best by cutting off there market of greed we stop them in their tracks; by shopping small and not getting the candy of slavers it will make the world a better place.

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the wealth of this nation is its people and vast resources and the treasures long saved to enjoy with your loved ones the majestic parks and lakes worth more then can be paid and we must protect.

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