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Watch “A MESSAGE TO JOE BIDEN!” on YouTube To the most Distructive criminal puppet in America Resign or be impeached you are a criminal you and your son now we know why China gave you and Hunter 1.5 Billion as vice president so you could destroy America

American stand together freedom is no joke Liberty is no lie politicians that are dirty and stealing from you are criminals it’s time to wake up

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Just for the record regarding the Hague trial going over the crimes against humanity too the one that is going on right now

Clearly the evidence is all packed together of the head trial that’s going on is right on base it’s talking about the people that will go to jail and be held responsible for this I mean their estimating in the United States 80 million people will be dead right after the cold season so we’reContinue reading “Just for the record regarding the Hague trial going over the crimes against humanity too the one that is going on right now”

Truth is like Diarite

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Start with the list

Now you need to be play some goals for yourself here I mean they’re changing your whole life rather than staying with the same 95 job and working for people you can’t stand you’re going to go out on your own and do what you’re creative at best way to do this is Nicholas makeContinue reading “Start with the list”

A thousand years from now

The archaeologist will find a strange change in human DNA not something that randoms rapidly or unchanging through time and gradually alters survival of the fittest kind of thing but it dynamic change a dynamic change it basically is caused by a bunch of idiots to decide to change the human genome not for betterContinue reading “A thousand years from now”

The empty face ballet

So here we are 7 billion creatures spinning on an earth a thousand miles an hour traveling through the galaxies it is not even determinal speed on the spiral of the our galaxy solar system and right now after the covid and after the lockdown and after the mask and all the fake media peopleContinue reading “The empty face ballet”