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Wake up time to wake the Dragons

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Hello so what are you going to do stand up for your rights or just throw it all away

Do all my brothers the veterans out there my heart’s broken this is tragic Force vaccines that are killing people and they just approved it you can see the ugly Truth here and it’s so important Dr Judy law comes out and she speaks about blood samples that they took out of 200 people thatContinue reading “Hello so what are you going to do stand up for your rights or just throw it all away”

Truth is thee best cure

Be Amazing and Profound rise up Now is that moment

Watch ““It Takes Courage To Be Exceptional” #shorts” on YouTube Yes to be amazing  and profound the courage to chase your dreams

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It has long become time Fauci be put in leg irons and keelhauled off the largest American aircraft carrier his lies his deception and the on going stealing of America by these criminals needs to stop

The empty face ballet

So here we are 7 billion creatures spinning on an earth a thousand miles an hour traveling through the galaxies it is not even determinal speed on the spiral of the our galaxy solar system and right now after the covid and after the lockdown and after the mask and all the fake media peopleContinue reading “The empty face ballet”