Watch “208 | It’s Always Been About The Children | INSPIRED Livestream 9/14/21 | 2PM CDT” on YouTube

If this truth doesn’t wake u up and provide motivation to stand up and risk all against the evil who are using the millions of children for diabolical ends Wake Up get angry become a hero to the children being mutilated by such evil

Watch “Dave Chappelle on What’s Important in Life” on YouTube In the end most who live in moment to moment fear never give up the trap for freedom wake up clearly the covid and jab are a salt trap and the few monsters running this cruel experiment are depending on you to keep in the salt trap

Watch “US Marine Slams Military Leadership Following Kabul Attacks, Relieved From Duty | Republic TV” on YouTube

Watch “‘Greatest Humiliation I’ve Ever Seen’: Trump Rips Into Biden For ‘Gross Incompetence’ On Afghanistan” on YouTube

So It Begins thank God

messages on our phones alerting us to tune into our TV at this time. Our phones will only work for 911 and we are informed the Signal App, which is military encrypted will be available. Our TV’s will only show 3 explanatory movies on a continuous loop for the 10 days. It will cover topicsContinue reading “So It Begins thank God”

Hypocrisy no more time for us to declare war in these monsters

Watch “JUST IN: Ted Cruz Introduces Anti-Vaccine Passport Amendment, Slams CDC Mask Mandate For Vaccinated” on YouTube

True Americans realize the horrible actions of dirty criminal politicians and corp pharmaceutical raiders using lies fear and stripping our rights to justify cashing in on pharmas bio criminal greed thru experiment s on humans rather then lab rats A Revolution of change is coming to remove the fat cats who have been sucking atContinue reading “Watch “JUST IN: Ted Cruz Introduces Anti-Vaccine Passport Amendment, Slams CDC Mask Mandate For Vaccinated” on YouTube”

Resistance is futile

You will be a simulated it does not take much intelligence to realize that when you’re born in America you’re raised in a free society and you’re right if you take the time to learn the Constitution and law are so much more than you can imagine sadly families have been dumb down kids goContinue reading “Resistance is futile”