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youtube.com/shorts/4iiWZyahuNw About the true facts of life

Non Compliant I do not consent!!!!

an amazing video to share today there are those days when your world can be so blessed to hear others feel as you do believe as you do and care about the hopes and aspirations of a future where our children and loved ones will be given the true values and life living as sentientContinue reading “Non Compliant I do not consent!!!!”

through the crazy eyes Deep State Nurvanna

wow the new perfect is all humans are required to purchase a new state of the art Bubble suit designed with your comfort in mind you will need to go to a authorized BSE (bubble suit estimator) and get measured for your new suit the suit is designed by Bill and Malinda Gates its collectivelyContinue reading “through the crazy eyes Deep State Nurvanna”

Infinity’s special twist

youtube.com/watch Fear is not an option We are the borg resistance is futile Alice in fear is a journey to destruction While a life of fearlessness is profound and amazing be brave and risk it all for your amazing

d19cgyi5s8w5eh.cloudfront.net/usr/5c5aeeefb22121e2b7a1b2c258e96c9a/img/37f480464692e8d2842a018e5b48ed0f01f2b76f For my friends a chance to get your best technology 10 years ahead of the apple gang go toshop.solexnation.com/JerryB

ER Doctor – “We’re Being Deceived and Manipulated” – henrymakow.com

Henry Makow’s official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order — Read on http://www.henrymakow.com/2021/03/trozzi-we-are-being-deceived-and-manipulated.html If you really cared u would be so angry the entire year has been a lie now the pharmaceutical are giving you a shot that no amount of will protect from covid because covid doesn’t exist every year sinceContinue reading “ER Doctor – “We’re Being Deceived and Manipulated” – henrymakow.com”

Trigger point injections into life

So your tumbling down a long steep cliff and while your rolling down the hill your being struck by bolders and smaller rocks all the way down wondering to yourself well ollie this is another fine mess you got us into. The sky is blue the weather is warm and yet your still rolling likeContinue reading “Trigger point injections into life”

Watch “Chloe Grace Moretz Hot Tribute” on YouTube


Vaccine w/ synthetic code – the Supreme Court Justice ruling, by law, patent owner/s can now Own You

Can You Say SLAVE Hoax Vaccine with synthetic code – the Supreme Court Justice ruling, by law, patent owner/s can now Own You I have back up channels for those having issues viewing my reports https://ugetube.com/@WardoRants please also foll… — Read on http://www.bitchute.com/video/KtEABe7VnY4V/ Hey Wilbur see the latest update horses and humans now can shareContinue reading “Vaccine w/ synthetic code – the Supreme Court Justice ruling, by law, patent owner/s can now Own You”