Cosmic convergence

So like The Big bang theory here well he got is 16 months into this thing is everything started expelling itself is there a further away from everyone else it’s been like a mini nuclear explosions so people on the one hand are trying to grasp once a little bit of reality but they’re stillContinue reading “Cosmic convergence”

Infinity’s special twist Fear is not an option We are the borg resistance is futile Alice in fear is a journey to destruction While a life of fearlessness is profound and amazing be brave and risk it all for your amazing

Gothic delight cosmic composure

weather its a dynamic beautiful girl with raven blue and black hair her cloths stand for revolution against the machine the values pressed on her and against the core of who she is the way she walks through life surrounding herself with dynamic individuals out to show the world they will not comply with foolContinue reading “Gothic delight cosmic composure”

gradually understanding whats been going on truthfully

but what will you choose to do with that fear there is no point in getting angry at the friends and loved ones around who choose there own path about the insanity they see its not your or my place to guide them or direct them life is free and that is a personal choiceContinue reading “gradually understanding whats been going on truthfully”

heaven is a kind word and good effort love is a bold desire and a passion that launchs the stars

to be bold and dynamic to except the knowledge is your door to understanding and taking the chance on living life fully without fear is the path to enlightenment its like seeking to walk on a warm tropical beach and suddenly your barefoot in the warm white sand life is only worth living if yourContinue reading “heaven is a kind word and good effort love is a bold desire and a passion that launchs the stars”

,waiting on tomorrow

what is the goal for the next chance you have if you wake up tomorrow will your heart be profound and you challenge one of those things on your life bucket list. be bold go out and do something you have always wanted to do stop and help a stranger look at those walking byContinue reading “,waiting on tomorrow”

words of contemplation

so you race out each morning but there is nothing to do, the world has stopped spining and your heart trembles inside want to know the feelings that lived here before the storm. what to hold on to the memories or the dreams, the sound of water falls crashing on ancient stone yet here weContinue reading “words of contemplation”

YouTube bans Frontline Doctors speech criticizing ‘experimental agent’ COVID vaccine | News | LifeSite

It’s really irrational to take a brand new untested, untried technology from a company that’s completely shielded from immunity, Dr. Simone Gold related. — Read on Please share important details on corona #7

Tools for tomorrow today

the world has become a complex and demanding place to live and only if you get your game plan ready and strive hard while the rest of society is hiding at home in there own private concentration camp of fear. Be brave and focus your mind on positive things watch and learn on anyContinue reading “Tools for tomorrow today”