Terra perfection

sages of the ages time that drifts like the wind across the sea, magik and emotions things that i possess within me. more then just a thought but a strong force to bare to be a Badash or twin soul something few can say they bare, I am not a single block on a mountain of stones piled high i am not a cloud floating across the lake that raises even natures eye,

I am the power of creation bursting with so much in my design a force of endless lightning bolts blasting across the sky, magik and desire passion and to fly an endless contradiction of the feelings i bare when i express deep felt feeling that most would never dare, mystery and such beauty a feast for more then crows a beauty before the sunset an shinning star high in the night sky. whispers of passion and hope desire shared and fantasy;s of such hope the curves of nature bound in human flesh yet beyond all comprehension the passion that is far from the surface hidden by design.

many have hoped to possess what lays inside but few can open the door oe even confide, mystic design and magic to touch forming the corners of a circle that is mathematic perfection not lost in the fogs of war or the hate of the fool but a taste that once endeavored can never be removed so hope with your eyes you might see me and dream the dream of sailors and the wind to be enveloped in the beauty of magik that is the wind the fancy of ancient stories and the curves of such delight the gift of creation to share deep in my soul
i am not the door you use to enter but the magik you use to excel across distant galaxies of mystery places visions none have seen with the likes of our houman faces,

Finding Gamma SollA a bursting zone of power where souls vibrate at magik cords of time and space who control the underpinning of all eternal places in a forest of trees light and vast cast against clouds high into the heavens no simple thing to ask.

Feeling such love from beings of light in a cold winter storm mountains bright white reflecting the lunar magic on earhts fragile skin where bedashs walk with wisdom on indian dreams across the time of winds.

morphing into a creature without time able to connect lost souls without fear or pain able to walk across the water of time and endless seas of pale blue green clouds of mist and fog so much we know joust from a dream.

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