touching heaven

as i walked into the room there she was before my eyes my heart began to beat faster the sound thunder to my ears graceful and so beautiful her motions drew me in like a deer in the headlights i could not look away, O my darling i want you to touch you and express all the feelings and emotions i feel you before my eyes so blessed can i have you for a moment will you share it with me please. can we walk together tonight naked before the manna of heavens trees. will you open your heart and let me in feel your soft warm flesh and touch you everywhere can i have some of that honey i desire like a hungry mountain bear, be so aggressive and demand what i know you desire be so passionate and ride me into the night and hide my face from the stars make me worship that special place where honey meets the stars,

over and over i will strive to please do not fear i will go down to my knees give me just an hour or many more for i understand the meaning of goddess worship and how much i do adore, it must be a dream because i am shaking before your eyes it must be a fantasy as i could never have hoped to have you this way but thou are the light of heaven and a goddess of the stars you are the reason why millions of men dream of such a special delight and having you here tonight has taken me by such surprise please bury my face in that warm silky place where i can taste honey from heaven above that place we desire the spark of the fire the energy of the universe so complete.

your massive breasts compel me to touch the ruby red lips i want to kiss and express the hands that run quickly to follow your curves and grasp the cheeks surrounding the fountain of desire where i will lay claim to the massive treat i have waited for so long to devour like a hungry wolf i want it now i want to spend hours there and i hope you will allow give me that honey make me gasp for air and i will not complain or fail to strive with all my heart to make you quiver and shake as i dive in to deep to take some of this manna from heaven you have chosen to share you are the heaven above the fantastic desire the magik of my dreams the hope of every hungry boy to rise up and be worthy of playing with that your special toy.

i AM lost in the sauce the dream of delight the fountain of warm honey the magic so right, making kisses so wet making me scream is silent passion to know you have given me the job that i could until now only gave dreamed but here i am between your ample mountains and smooth trail to so much fun to that place where i could have only hoped for in the years of youth alone gearing up to be the best i could never knowing that you were waiting and hoping i would catch you here alone to enjoy your warm honey be it sticky and warm to hear you moan and delight when i licked you just they way you desired to touch you all night and never expect anything from you but hoping i could find the way to make you happy and fill your desires so you will call me back again and again to call em your faithful servant a pleasure to control a tool of your desire and hope you never let me go. without this i would be lost without the honey you have shared it will destroy me body and soul to lose the memory of your honey pie to spend hours with you riding my concealed face in the warmest honey pot i have yet to see how wonderful the taste the way you take control and ride me till the dawn comes and i am at your beck and control use me abuse me until your satisfied and delighted and maybe you will find it in your hearty to be and make me knighted

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